Troubleshooting TFS and StFS

Install the single-server or multi-server TFS environment per Microsoft documentation which includes:
  • SQL engine
  • Report Services
  • Analysis Services
  • SharePoint/WSS
  • Team Foundation Server
I recommend reading the Team Foundation Server Concepts documentation.

Now, you are ready to build Scrum For Team System (SfTS) on top of your shiny TFS platform.
However, before you do this, make sure your permissions are correct, you have interconnectivity between all environments and you can create and manage TFS projects. Here are some links that will help you accomplish this:
  • TFS Power Tools includes the Best Practices Analyzer, Process Template editor and other cool admin enhancements for TFS and Visual Studio.
  • TFS Administration Tool will help you straighten out your TFS and collection permissions on TFS, RS and SP. More on TFS permissions here: Platform Permissions
  • http://YourTfsServer:8080/tfs/Services/V1.0/EventService.asmx. The EventService web service has a useful UnsubscribeEvent method that allows you to delete unused subsciptions or subscriptions that still exist after a project has been deleted. Read more about EventService
  • http://YourTfsServer:8080/tfs/TeamFoundation/Administration/v3.0/WarehouseControlService.asmx. The WarehouseControl web service lets you process the warehouse and analysis databases. You can also check the processing status of both. For your new TFS installation I recommend you process the warehouse and the analysis database since it won't be scheduled to run for some time after your TFS is up.
  • http://YourTfsServer/ReportServer. Reports browser.
  • http://YourTfsServer/Reports. Here is where you assign permissions to your reports. More on RS permissions here: Platform Permissions

If all is well, meaning, you can create and administer a project from Visual Studio, view all the reports, check out your SharePoint sites; you can move into adding SfTS.
You should now be able to create a Scrum project from VS and manage it through the TFS Workbench.
If you are having issues, a good resource to use is the Q&A on the SfTS web site.

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